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Scopus Young Researcher Awards

Introducing the award
The Scopus Young Researcher Awards are part of an Elsevier global initiative to support early career researchers, with the intention of supporting young researchers in their quest to advance the frontiers of science across a broad range of disciplines.  The Young Researcher Awards has been
designed to recognise outstanding young scientists and researchers in Australasia who have made significant contributions in their areas of research.

The Australasian researchers are well known internationally for their achievements and dedicated contributions to various fields of research. To honour these achievements ARMS and Elsevier are proud to bring you the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards for 2013 with the following

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Physical Sciences
  3. Engineering and Technologies
  4. Life Sciences and Biological Sciences
  5. Medicine and Medical Sciences

2016 winners - Scopus Eureka Prize for Excellence in International Scientific Collaboration
FANTOM5, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research; The University of Melbourne; University of Queensland; Translational Research Institute; Telethon Kids Institute; and RIKEN Japan
With 260 specialists from 20 countries, including 22 Australian researchers, the FANTOM5 project
is mapping the sets of genes expressed in each of our cell types. The map is being used to interpret genetic diseases and engineer new cells for therapeutic use.

Watch the FANTOM5 finalist video


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