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How to increase the visibility of the articles ?

Writing a research manuscript and later getting it published make is quite a ground breaking task and a lot of time taking process. Getting published in the best journal to the knowledge only gets the grades on a CV but to reach to outer world, both the publisher and the author need to do the promotions. The journals with paywall system reach less than the open access journals. The paywall journals are only accessible by the set of researchers who avail subscription like a university and research center. The open access journals are more open to public and can be accessed via search engines. The academic and research institution in developed countries has access to all paid and open access journals, but the institutions developing and underdeveloped countries have no resources to purchase the paid journal subscriptions. For starters choosing a journal with wide reach is a prominent task while choosing the suitable journal for publication.

With reference to Scimago it is observed that highest published papers are from developing countries and thus the highest suitable and cited papers are also from the developed countries. These countries have extensive reach paywall journals and thus the strong background work is displayed. When referred the Sci-Hub the underdeveloped and developing countries are those who try to pirate the scientific articles for the reference purpose. Thus the developing countries cannot access the paywall journals and then comes open access journals into the limelight.

The visibility of the published article plays a major role in reaching the researchers around the globe. There are few strategies that can be followed by the author and the publisher both to make the article more legitimately reachable to a large audience:

Create a unique naming convention. The author should use the unique name and initials while giving the profile on the manuscript. This makes it easy to find the author by the names.

Sharing the ready manuscript within the trusted pre-publication platforms like AgEcon, ArXiv, CiteSeer and etc. these pre-publish platforms expose the manuscripts to a larger audience and citation process is started even before the final article is published.

Sharing of research data and set up collaborations with other research teams and get the research extended in different dimension with several other teams increases the quality and credibility of the work. The sharing of data and results within the community forms a network of researchers eventually increased the visibility of the already published work.

Share the preview or presentation level online on open platforms like slideshows, write a new version of pre and post published an article on research platforms like researchgate, academia and few blogs. This will build the audience to the work performed.

Brag on the social media about the polished version of the article. Twitter, Facebook and other social media have a large reach and are the best with self-sufficient SEO which bring the posts right on the top of the search engine.

The most important way to make, the researchers work visible is to be maintained an online CV and keep it updated regularly.

Building a wide visibility for a pre or post published research article is the equal responsibility of the author and the publisher both at the same time.

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