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JCR - Journal Citation Report

Journal Citation reports are the systematic and statistically quantifiable evaluation performed on the leading journals from around the globe. All the articles referred citations by compelling procedure. This allows to display the relation between citation and citing of the articles by also calculating the impact factor and the influence of the journal by category.

The InCite platform allows the JCR metrics of a citation network to the self-citation details. The expanded capabilities of analysis allow publishers and researchers to compute the relationships of citations to journals and the research categories. Over time this mechanism allows you to understand the practice of having an organized publishing├»¿½s within the institution as well. Traditionally Journal Citation Report was an annually released publication by The Thomson Reuters the intellectual property and science Business organization which is being merged with Clarivate Analytics and is integrated with Web of Science hereafter. The journal citations are to be analyzed from the core collection of web of science. The citation reports are analyzed for the research publications from science & Social science which derives the impact of the journals. Originally Science Citation Index published citation reports of journals. In current years the citation reports are being published as expanded the findings of science citation and social science citation indexes.

The basic inputs give for citation reports are the bibliographic details of the journals with titles & abbreviations and the ISSN numbers for unique identifications. The research area subject category consists of 171 areas of science and social science categories are 54 in number. The citation information provided for the analysis is the number of articles published in that particular area and in that particular year. From the count of published articles how many of them were cited and how many times each article was published. The citations are counted as two sections citation counts from different journals and the same journal. I.e. an article is being referred and cited in a journal by same or another author in that case where that article was published under same publisher├»¿½s journal or different publisher├»¿½s journal.

The other next important detail is about the citation of article as number of times that is being cited in the same successive article published in the same or different journal. The citation counts of the articles in the journal of the year and previous years for references. The citation counts of the articles in past 10 years and among which top 20 journals that have cited these articles and each article how many times it was cited as an individual. Several other counts and measures derived using these basic counts are submitted in order to get a better performance analysis of the journal.

Science and Social science areas are journals are listed separately and have a considerable amount of listing each year. The analysis results in the derivation of the impact factor of the journal and the immediate indexing of the journal. The analyzed Journal citation reports with calculated impact factor are availed on the web portal of the authorized organization which can also be purchased in CD format for individual referral.

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