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Status of Open Access Journals

Research journals which have traditionally been more of the closed and non-transparent way of publication. These journals used to have a committees which were never exposed to the outer world to make the review process as blind review. The process was never transparent and never the author knew who reviewed the manuscript or if at all was even reviewed it in the first place. The same way the review had no idea about the author and had no clue on previous work of the author if the research finding were a series of executions. In that case the papers would get rejected or may raise too many questions for the author. After such a complex process if the manuscripts made it to get published they mostly do not see the day of light as they are needed to be purchased. The purchase of the articles can be possible by the universities and the research institutions or corporate companies where they are keen on developing the technology into an application. But for any individual reader, early researcher and graduate student in case of the under developed countries, it is difficult to access to the articles. Hence the rank of the journal falls down drastically as they do not have much of audience reach also the citations are limited.

Overcoming the short hand situation of the reach of audience in underdeveloped countries and the countries who are not economically capable to have access to the paid research came up with a solution of going open access. The regional journals have formed together to start an open access of the published articles. The review committee of these open access journals is displayed on a public web portal of the journals so the authors can check the list of reviewers and credentials of the reviewers before submitting the manuscripts to those journals. Some of the open access journals has crowd sourced reviewing, here they do not recruit a review board they pre publish the manuscripts for public access and the crowd reviews the paper if that should be included in the publication issues or no? Every author who wished to get published might have had put in enough effort to have made a survey or developed their own models. The failure in most cases happens when the background research is not thorough enough to back the recent findings. But with open access pre-publication technique the crowd themselves decide the quality of the manuscript and then the publishers have a fair and transparent publication process.

There are few organizations who think open access journals has diluted the quality of research and the research articles, but they are not ready to accept the economic and fiscal situation of the country who is paying to have access to those papers. The open access platform only charges the authors some amount which is much cheaper than that of the closed access journal and the audience have free access to the publications. This way the open access journals are presently reaching large readers and audience base which in return also is rising the citation counts of those articles and even the open access journals are being competed for assessment of impact factor along with the international closed access scientific publishers.

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