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The Journal of Business

The Journal of Business

The Journal of Business
The journal of business

The Journal of Business was an academic journal published by the University of Chicago Press. It aimed to cover "a full range of areas, including corporate finance and investment, money and banking, marketing, security markets, corporate economics, accounting practices, social issues and public policy, management organization, statistics and econometrics, administration and management, international trade and finance, personnel, industrial relations and work. "

However, its broad scope became a handicap as the specialization in business scholarships developed and many specialist journals appeared. Rather than keep it as a general journal or reduce its focus, the faculty of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago decided to stop publishing the journal in late 2006.

Publication details

Former name(s) Journal of Business of the University of Chicago, University Journal of Business
History 1928–2006
Publisher University of Chicago Press (United States)
ISSN 0021-9398
JSTOR 00219398

Some of its issues are now freely available at JSTOR.

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