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Labs in India: Central Building Research Institute(CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee

Labs in India: Central Building Research Institute(CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee

The Central Building Research Institute(CBRI), Roorkee, India, has been vested with the responsibility of generating, cultivating and promoting building science and technology in the service of the country.

The Institute has been assisting the building construction and building material industries in finding timely, appropriate and economical solutions to the problems of building materials, health monitoring and rehabilitation of structures, disaster mitigation, fire safety, Energy-efficient rural and urban housing.

In this article, scopusindexed highlights the important R&D and Research facilities available at CBRI.


Research Facilities at CBRI

  • Dual Cone Calorimeter (ISO: 5660 & ASTM E 1354)
  • Fully computerized 1000 kN UTM and 3000 kN UTM
  • Corrosion Analyzer “Field Machine”
  • Computer-controlled Laser Particle size Analyzer
  • Computer-controlled Triaxial and Consolidation testing system
  • Foundation Pile Diagnostic system
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation for performance evaluation
  • Optical Microscope for petrographic studies of rocks & building materials
  • Geo-radar
  • Resistivity Imaging System
  • Uniaxial Shake Table
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • Infra-red spectrophotometer
  • UV and visible spectrophotometer
  • Ion-selective analyzer
  • Stack monitor
  • Particle size analyzer
  • Portable CO2/CO/H2S/ Hydrocarbon analyzer
  • Cement testing laboratory
  • Lime-pozzolana laboratory
  • Thermal analysis laboratory
  • X-ray diffraction equipment
  • X-ray Florence equipment
  • Nanoparticle synthesizer
  • Inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray photometer
  • Differential thermal analyzer
  • Thermo-mechanical analyzer
  • Xenon Arc Weatherometer
  • Ozone Chamber
  • Heavy Testing Laboratory
  • Burning Behaviour of Materials for ‘Reaction to Fire Studies’
  • Toxicity apparatus
  • Fire Detection, Extinguishment & Sprinklers Lab.
  • Spherical vessel for the explosion
  • Wall furnace for fire resistance studies
  • Floor furnace for fire resistance studies
  • Low-speed wind tunnel for ventilation and wind pressure distribution in buildings
  • Standing wave apparatus for sound absorption coefficient at normal incidence
  • Reverberation chamber for sound transmission loss and sound absorption coefficient at the random incidence
  • Dome type artificial sky for daylighting studies
  • Ultrasonic and acoustic emission setup for non-destructive testing of building components
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)
  • Low-speed wind tunnel for ventilation studies.
  • CBRI is committed to serving the people through R&D in the development process and maintains linkages at the international and national level.

More Information: CSIR-Central Building Research Institute(CSIR-CBRI), Roorkee

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