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IET Renewable Power Generation


IET Renewable Power Generation

IET Renewable Power Generation (RPG) brings together the topics of renewable energy technology, power generation and systems integration, with techno-economic issues. All renewable energy generation technologies are within the scope of the journal.

Specific technology areas covered by the journal include: Wind power technology and systems Photovoltaics Solar thermal power generation Geothermal energy Fuel cells Wave power Marine current energy Biomass conversion and power generation

What differentiates RPG from technology specific journals is a concern with power generation and how the characteristics of the different renewable sources affect electrical power conversion, including power electronic design, integration in to power systems, and techno-economic issues. Other technologies that have a direct role in sustainable power generation such as fuel cells and energy storage are also covered, as are system control approaches such as demand side management, which facilitate the integration of renewable sources into power systems, both large and small.

The journal provides a forum for the presentation of new research, development and applications of renewable power generation. Demonstrations and experimentally based research are particularly valued, and modelling studies should as far as possible be validated so as to give confidence that the models are representative of real-world behavior. Research that explores issues where the characteristics of the renewable energy source and their control impact on the power conversion is welcome. Papers covering the wider areas of power system control and operation, including scheduling and protection that are central to the challenge of renewable power integration are particularly encouraged.

The journal is technology focused covering design, demonstration, modelling and analysis, but papers covering techno-economic issues are also of interest. Papers presenting new modelling and theory are welcome but this must be relevant to real power systems and power generation. Most papers are expected to include significant novelty of approach or application that has general applicability, and where appropriate include experimental results. Critical reviews of relevant topics are also invited and these would be expected to be comprehensive and fully referenced.


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