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Fast Track Publication Journals Scopus

Publication of research work in the good and reputed journals is always a great dream for young scholars, researchers, but they are in hurry. So such candidates always search for fast track publication journals scopus as this set of journals provide reach of paper to libraries and universities so people can refer paper easily. Some of the people think that fast tract means 10 to 15 days but it means 2 to3 months. So this article help scholars to find good journals but the review time is 30 to 6 days. The selection of fast tract journal is directly impacted the review time and processing charges as well. Publication in a few days depends on reviewer's response, so the editor charge scholars for the paper.

So before submission of a paper in fast track scopus indexed journals following points should be cross-check by the scholars :

  1. Check ISSN number on ABC index portal, as this portal provide complete information about the journal like current indexing, website, etc.
  2. Always publish papers in E-ISSN journals only as print journal have very limited reach.
  3. Check publication charges of the journal, as few journals charge in Dollars that range from 500 to 2000. This much of amount is very hard for scholars to publish papers.
  4. Check the website link where you submit paper for publication as sometimes people do fast publication at fake websites and scholars get bluffed by fake publishers.
  5. Never send paper to the mediators who provide publishing services, as they always publish content in a special issue of the journal or fake web portals.
  6. Read author instruction before submission of a paper to the journal.
  7. Graph and table content should be visible to the reader and visible as this help to attract for paper acceptance.
  8. Always check for hidden charges of journals that may depend on the number of pages, number of authors, number of color graphs, English grammar, formatting, etc.
This article is for fast track publication journals Scopus that takes charges for this service with a different condition. Ph.D. candidates who might need to publish papers to complete their degree work need such type of journals. In India after UGC-CARE declaration demand of Scopus indexed journals with publication charges are increases day by day.


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