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Paid Scopus indexed journals with fast publication

Scopus is one of the largest abstract and citation databases that covers a wide range of academic disciplines. It includes journals, conference proceedings, and other scholarly literature.  

Paid Scopus indexed journals with fast publication

Paid Scopus Indexed Journals: If you are looking for Scopus Research Journals that publish in a fast manner, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we have listed reputed paid Scopus indexed journals which publish the research articles at a fast pace.

Note: Some of these journals also publish for free. You can check more information like processing fees, indexing, etc. by clicking on the journal title.
List of Paid Scopus indexed journals and fast scopus journal
Fast publication scopus journals
List of paid scopus indexed journals with fast publication
S.No.Journal TitleISSN
1Brazilian Journal of Biology1678-4375
2Methods in Molecular Biology1940-6029
3Indian Journal of Medical Research
(Discontinued Now)
4Biomedicine (India)
5Journal of Business Economics and Management2029-4433
6Indian Journal of Economics and Business 
(Discontinued Now)
7International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management0974-6250
8Africa Journal of Management2332-2373
9Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering2231-3850
10Mathematics and Statistics2332-2071
11International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences2381-4381
13International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management1750-9661
14Economy of Region2072-6406
15Journal of Computer Science1552-6607
16Indian Journal of Finance
17International Journal of Technology2087-2100
19COMPUTING 0010-485X
20European Journal of Applied Physiology1439-6319/1439-6327
Please note that not all journals are indexed in Scopus, and inclusion in Scopus can vary by field and subject area. Additionally, Scopus periodically updates its database, so the list of indexed journals may change over time. It's always a good idea to double-check the current status of a journal's indexing in Scopus through their official website.
In this blog post, We provided the list of paid Scopus indexed journals that publish on a fast-track basis.

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