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Scopus Awards Algeria 2022

The Scopus Researcher Awards 2022

The Scopus Researcher Awards (Algeria) 2022

The Scopus Researcher Awards (Algeria )
Scopus Awards Algeria Event - An overview of the Algerian research landscape
Does the Elsevier Life Science eco-system support only research and education or strengthen academic-corporate collaboration as well?

Presenter: Dr. Andrey Khudoshin - Elsevier Life Science regional manager.

Results of intellectual activity connect together different organisations across the globe: academic researcher centres, universities, and industrial companies. Academic researchers need to implement fundamental knowledge to address applied issues. Industrial partners should be aware of cutting-edge technologies available from recent discoveries. Access to detailed chemistry-related information from world research leaders can support the development of Innovation and secure Sustainability in the fields of Water, Energy, Agriculture-Food, Health. Who are the leaders in specific areas? What and how they are doing? Where to find formulas of known and new products in specific areas? How to find the best compounds and materials for your technology? How to obtain them? What kind of analytical tests should be done and how to carry out them to assess the quality? Join the lecture to get answers at your fingertips.


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