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Scopus Researcher Awards 2022 (ANZ)– Professor Wenshan Guo

The Scopus Researcher Awards 2022

The Scopus Researcher Awards (ANZ) 2022

The Scopus Researcher Awards (ANZ), first launched by Elsevier in 2010, is part of Elsevier’s global initiative to advance the frontiers of science across a broad range of disciplines. 

The Scopus Researcher Awards (ANZ) recognise outstanding researchers, whose outputs draw on a broad spectrum of skills and research disciplines to make significant contributions to research for the benefit of humanity. All of our recognition categories honor the principles of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and Research Integrity. 

Meet Professor Wenshan Guo, winner of the Excellence in Women in Research Award.

Click here for more info about the Scopus Research Awards 2022:


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