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Asian Dyer

Launched in 2004, ASIAN DYER is a widely acclaimed technical journal recognized for providing an unparalleled insight and latest information into the global dyestuffs, speciality chemicals, laboratory & testing instruments, green and sustainable technologies, auxiliaries, and textile processing industry.

In every issue, ASIAN DYER examines process and product developments through quantitative analysis and articles of specific interest to the technocrats and industry leaders as well as to the general end user.

What differentiates ASIAN DYER from the rest and makes it unique is the highest quality of editorial features and presentation coupled with consistent updations to the list of innovative topics covered,  through invaluable feedback from the readers.

With a circulation of around 12,000 copies and enjoying the highest standards of content and readership, ASIAN DYER is thus the most effective and ideal medium for advertising to a broad, heterogeneous mix of readers in the dye and related chemical processing industry sectors across the globe.

Asian Dyer

Scopus coverage years: from 2006 to Present
Publisher: TEXCHEM Publications
ISSN: 0972-9488
Subject area:
Chemistry: General Chemistry
Source type: Journal

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