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Biopesticides International

Biopesticides International was started from June 2005 and is covering the field of biopesticides and various allied aspects, pure and applied, related to this field. Over the years both basic and applied experimental research on biopesticides relative to insects and plants has expanded, largely due to search for possibilities of integrated pest control, stimulated also by a growing awareness regarding environmental hazards of conventional chemical control.

As new fields of research have opened up and new approaches established in biopesticide research, this specific journal of biopesticide sciences has an aim to place such studies in a single, relevant and organized form the “Biopesticides International” which has great appeal due to interdisciplinary content. The scope of the journal is broad in the sense that it publishes the latest developments in biopesticidal research based on natural sources like plants, microbes, fungi, predators and parasitoids and allied materials like bio-herbicides and entomopathogenic nematodes including diverse studies of entomological, toxicological, agricultural, biochemical, molecular and biotechnological nature related to biological pesticides. The journal also seeks to promote insect plant interaction studies and manipulation of plant genomes for in vivo production of pesticides that is gaining importance. The journal also has a mandate to include the titles related to governance of biopesticides and to publish papers that could cover issues that are in the realm of socio-political sciences, law and legal instruments, ethics, environmental impacts, etc.

 Biopesticides International

Scopus coverage years: from 2011 to Present
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Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Agronomy and Crop Science
Environmental Science: Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Plant Science
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