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List of Scopus Indexed Journals


Young scholars who are willing to get good publication always looks for list of scopus indexed journals. Most of time people have different number of requirements that they are looking for free / paid scopus indexed journals, specific research area based publication, good citation journals. Scopus provide such information on each journal page but it was found that user should know the journal name in advance. Hence dependency of this prior information is an tough task for scholars to get. As many of people, authors, professor do not provide such information openly. To shortout this issue of publication ABCD Index provide list of scopus indexed journals under different heads.


In order to get more specific field of research area use website filters by typing name of research topic keyword and get related journals. For country specific search scholars can type name of country and get list of scopus indexed journals as per country like Germany, China, America, India, etc. When you get a journal list then click on any journal to get more details like EISSN, PISSN number, publisher information address, other indexing information like UGC-CARE, Web of Science, NAAS, etc. Journal submission information, reviews of people about the journal is also mention. If scholar need any information about journal then portal provide query form, comment section, we review your question and answer accordingly.

Scholars who are looking to get direct list in pdf format, excel format from scopus is provide but that get old with time as many of information is not present in that excel sheet like website URL, submission process, publication cost, other indexing information. To overcome such information ABCDIndex provide all set of valuable data at one place with free of cost and no prior registration. As per our registered reviewer suggestion we rank journals in four category A, B, C, D. Scholars who are looking for some fast and easy publishing journal can directly use paid filter option to get scopus paid journals as they provide fast publication as well. Publisher some times hide information and do some unfair activities under special issue, so be aware of such type of publication as they might not count in scopus indexing publication and the=is may trouble you in future when you need your degree completion. As last before submission of paper in any of journals and inform other authors, mentor, guide, so they also visit journal.

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