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Nature Medicine (NM)

Nature Medicine (NM) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Medicine. Nature Publishing is the publisher of this esteemed journal. The P-ISSN assigned to Nature Medicine is 1078-8956 and its abbreviated form is Nat Med.

Nature Medicine Aim and Scope

The criteria for consideration of translational and clinical research in Nature Medicine are originality, timeliness and impact on improving human health by addressing unmet clinical needs. Original research ranges from new concepts in human biology and disease pathogenesis to new therapeutic modalities and drug development, to all phases of clinical work, as well as innovative technologies aimed at improving human health.

We consider all types of clinical research, including:

Case-reports and small case series
Clinical trials, whether phase 1, 2, 3 or 4
Observational studies
Biomarker studies   
Public and global health studies
Nature Medicine is also committed to facilitating communication between translational and clinical researchers. As such, we consider “hybrid” studies with preclinical and translational findings reported alongside data from clinical studies.

Nature Medicine Details

Journal title Nature Medicine (NM)
Abbreviation Nat Med
Print ISSN 1078-8956
Online ISSN 1546-170X
Publisher Name Nature Publishing
Editor-in-chief Joao Monteiro
Subject Category Medicine

Nature Medicine Indexing

The Nature Medicine is indexed in (Indexing details)

1. Web of Science
2. UGC
3. Scopus

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