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Scientific data (Sd)

Scientific data (Sd) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Social Sciences. Nature Publishing is the publisher of this esteemed journal. and its abbreviated form is Sci Data.

Scientific data Aim and Scope

Scientific Data is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, and research that advances the sharing and reuse of scientific data. We aim to promote wider data sharing and reuse, and to credit those that share. Scientific Data primarily publishes Data Descriptors, a new type of publication that provides detailed descriptions of research datasets, including the methods used to collect the data and technical analyses supporting the quality of the measurements. Data Descriptors focus on helping others reuse data, rather than testing hypotheses, or presenting new interpretations, methods or in-depth analyses. Scientific Data also welcomes submissions describing analyses or meta-analyses of existing data, and original articles on systems, technologies and techniques that advance data sharing and reuse to support reproducible research. Scientific Data offers a streamlined but thorough peer-review process that evaluates the rigour and quality of the experiments used to generate the data and the completeness of the description of the data. The actual data are stored in one or more public, community-recognized repositories, and release of the data is verified as a condition of publication. Scientific Data is open to submissions from a broad range of natural science disciplines, including, but not limited to, data from the life, biomedical and environmental science communities. Submissions may describe big or small data, from new experiments or value-added aggregations of existing data, from major consortiums and single labs. We are also willing to consider descriptions of quantitative datasets from the social sciences, particularly those that may be of use for integrative analyses that stretch across the traditional discipline boundaries between the life, biomedical, environmental and social sciences.

Scientific data Details

Journal title Scientific data (Sd)
Abbreviation Sci Data
Online ISSN 2052-4463
Publisher Name Nature Publishing
Editor-in-chief Guy Jones
Subject Category Social Sciences

Scientific data Indexing

The Scientific data is indexed in (Indexing details)

1. Web of Science
2. UGC
3. Scopus
4. PubMed
5. Medline
6. Google Scholar

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